Bangor Abbey Graveyard - P




J.  P.                 A 73
J.  P.   G 193
Margaret Jane Paisley, in memory of her beloved husband, James Edgar Paisley, who died in Bangor 1st October 1911, in his 71st year.
Also the above Margaret Jane Paisley, who died 10th April 1926, aged 87 years.
Also their daughter, Sarah Ann CAMPBELL Rogers, who died who died 21st December 1961, aged 89 years.  And her husband John Rogers, who died 11th October 1981, aged 88 years.
In death they were not divided.

(R) Broken away at top of headstone.
Dear grandson David Gordon Pailsey, who was killed at Maroeuil in France on the 1st April 1917, aged 22 years.
Deeply mourned by his mother, brother and friends.
C 15




C 17

'Sleeping in Jesus'
Matthew Patteson of Cookstown son of Edward Patteson of Cookstown, Derryloran, Co Tyrone who died in Bangor April 4th 1855 aged 94 years.  Also his wife Anne daughter of William GLENN, Glenvale, Co Derry who died May 6th 1862 aged 83 years. 
This memorial to most loving, exemplary and honoured Christian parents is erected by their seven surviving children.   'The memory of the just is blessed'.
Also the Rev William Patteson, their third son; born Oct 5th 1805, ordained Minister of 2nd Presbyterian Church, Bangor, August 5th 1829, died March 30th 1886
'A good soldier of Jesus Christ'. 2 Tim. 11, 3.

In memory of Christina Patterson, died
31/1/1915 aged 38 years, also her husband James Patterson died 2/6/1930 aged 56 years.

  D 43
Here lieth the body of Mary Patterson, otherwise CARGO, wife to Alexander Patterson of N.T.ards who departed this life January 18th 1806 aged 37 years.  Also four of their children.   Here lieth als the body of the said Alexander Patterson who departed this life on the 27th day of August 1822 aged 56 years.  He for many years filled the respectable office of High Constable of the lower Half Barony of Ards, with the greatest integrity and died as he lived, an honest man truly lamented.
(slate - illegible)
  A 23
Erected by Hugh FERGUSON in memory of Capt. James Patterson of Bangor, who departed this life November 14th 1813 aetatis 64 years. Also his wife Martha Patterson, alias MORRISON, who departed this life September 16th 1812 aetatis 64 years. Also Capt. Hugh Ferguson who departed this life February 10th 1824 aetatis 46 years. Also his son Capt. James Ferguson who departed this life May 19th 1834 aetatis 30 years. And also his son John Ferguson, who departed this life at sea, the 15th Sept. 1834 aetatis 28 years. Also his daughter Jane CAMPBELL who departed this life 29th August 1870 aged 58 years. Sic transit gloria mundi.

[Inscription on the back :- This stone claims 4 graves, 2 south and 1 north]


[Low, unpolished granite headstone in an enclosure] Rev. Alexander Patton, D.D., born at Myroe, Co. Derry, 1st Oct. 1843, ordained in 1st Ballymoney, 5th Nov. 1866, installed in 1st Bangor, 17th June 1879, died at Bangor 20th Nov 1896.  Eleanor Patton, wife of the above, born 26th March 1847, died 7th Feb. 1921.
[On enclosure]  May Patton died 23rd September 1909.  Annie S. Patton, died 5th September 1937.
Erected by John Perry, Ballycormic, in memory of his neice Anna Maria FINLAY, wife of Hugh REID, who died 2nd April 1875 aged 28 years. Also in memory of the above named John Perry who died 15th November 1880 aged 58 years.  Also his mother Anne Perry who died 22nd March 1882 aged 94 years.  Also his aunt Sophia Perry who died the 14th December 1884 aged 75 years.  Also his brother James Perry who died the 16th October 1896 aged 81 years.  Also Isabella, wife of the late James Perry, died 9th February 1898 aged 69 years.  "I am the Resurrection and the life: he that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live". John, XI, 25.  Died on 27th December 1919, Alexander Perry Reid Sergt. 66th Canadian Infantry, aged 44 years, son of Anna Maria and Hugh Reid.  "Faithful unto death".
  G 259

In memory of William Philips who departed this life 2nd September 1809 aged 76 years

  FZ 31
Erected by Hamilton Pink of Ballygilbert, in memory of his wife Susanna Pink alias ALLEN who departed this life on the 10th May 1835 aged 77 years.
Erected by Henry Piper of Ballyliedy Gunner of the Royal Navy in memory of his wife Johannah who departed this life 25th October 1828 Aged 35 years  Also his daughter Catherine who died 15th December 1836 Aged 12 years Also his son Henry Blackwood Piper who died 15th January 1837 Aged 10 years

Tender friends a while may mourn
Us from their embraces torn
Dearer better friends we have
In the realms beyond the grave.

Also the above named Henry Piper who died 29th November 1819 Aged 59 years Died on the 18th October 1870 Ellen wife of Henry Piper.
Erected by John Purse to the memory of his mother Sarah Purse, who departed this life December 25th 1858 aged 60 years.  Also his father James Purse who departed this life 26th of June 1849 aged 86 years.