Bangor Abbey Graveyard - N





Here lyeth the body of William Neill, son of James Neill, meason, Bangor, who departed this life April 16th 1813 aged 19 years. Also his father James Neill who departed this life Octr. 13th 1819 aged 56 years.

Here lieth the body of Margret Neill, daughter of Captain Neill of Bangor, who departed this life Febr. the 8th 1813 aged 13 years. Also his daughter M. Dickey Neill departed this life the 4 of August 1828 AE 5 years. Also the remains of the said Capt. William Neill of Bangor, who departed this life 15th Novr. 1832 aged 61 years.

Erected in memory of Marcus Neill, late of Bangor, whose body lies here interred. He departed this life 4th Septr. 1815 aged 53 years.

Erected by Robert Neill, Bangor, in memory of his father Charles Neill, who died 11th July 1830 aged 56 years. And two of his sons, viz:- Charles who died 7th April 1828 aged 22 years, and Hugh, aged 11 years. Also in memory of his mother Elizabeth Neill, who died 14th July 1832 aged 58 years. Also his brother John Neill, who died 24th January 1843 aged 28 years.

Erected by John Neill, Bangor, in memory of his wife, Mary Neill alias SOUTHWELL, who departed this life on the 29th of May 1836 aged 33 years. Also Jane Neill his daughter, who departed this life on the 18th of July 1845 aged 20 years. And 4 of his children who died in infancy. Also the above named John Neill who departed this life on the 6th of September 1849 aged 47 years. Also his son George Hamilton Neill who died 5th March 1862 aged 18 years. Also his second wife Elizabeth HAMILTON who died 18th September 1885 aged 78 years. Also his son-in-law Samuel HESLIP who died at Bangor 22nd April 1905 aged 69 years. Also his daughter Mary Ann H. Heslip who died at Bangor 9th June 1920 aged 82 years.

Erected by Robert Neill of Bangor in memory of his wife Sarah Neill alias PHILLIPS, who departed this life 25th Augt. 1841 aged 26 years. Also his father William Neill who departed this life December 11th 1841 aged 57 years. Also the above Robert Neill who departed this life 11th Decr. 1859 aged 48 years. Also two of his children who did in infancy. Also his son James Neill who died 10th October 1866 aged 12 years. Also his wife Margaret Neill alias POLLOCK who died 28th Dec. 1883 aged 71 years, Also his son Robert Alexander Neill who died the 8th of August 1902 aged 50 years. Also his four children who died in infancy. Also Isabella, wife of above Robert A. Neill, who died on 17th January 1932, and was interred at Mount Emblem Cemetary, Chicago, USA, aged 70 years.
[Inscription on the back:- W. B. FEGAN claims this ground].

[Badly broken - originally twin marble monuments with heavy surrounds surmounted with draped urns, at either end of a high railed enclosure]

At East end - Erected by Charles Neill of Bangor, in memory of his father Charles Neill who departed this life 26th February 1854 aged 56 years.  Also his brother Hugh Neill who was lost on a voyage to Constantinople 24th Novr. 1854 aged 26 years.  Also his brother Marcus Neill, on his passage to California 25th Se(pte)mber 1855 aged 19 years.  Also two ch(ildr)en in infancy.  Also his wife Ellen J. . . .  died 16th Aug. 1870 aged 27 years.  Also his mother Maria . . . died 29th Nov. 1887 aged 100 yr.  Also the above Charles Neill died 9th Jany. 1898 aged 68 yrs.  Also three grand children who died in infancy.

At west end - Erected by Rachel McCAULL in memory of her beloved husband James McCaull, who departed this life 29th March 1866 aged 42 years.  Also three of their children, viz:- Agnes who died 14th June 1858 aged 6 years, Charles Hugh who died 14th August 1859 aged 2 years, and Charles who died 23rd of March 1866 aged 2 years and 7 months.  In memory of our dear mother, Rachel HUMPHREY, who died 28th Dec. 1899 aged 70 years.  Malcolm McCaull, son of James and Anna McCaull, died 1st February 1904 aged 8 months.  Anna McCaull, wife of James McCaull, M.D. died 15th March 1924.  James McCaull, son of James and Rachel McCaull, died 5th November 1934 aged 75 years.

In loving memory of David Neill, who died 3rd May 1898 aged 55 years.  His wife Henrietta who died 10th July 1896 aged 50 years.  Their son David William Neill, South African Heavy Artillery, killed in action near La Bassee, France, 9th April 1918 aged 37 years.  Interred at the Chateau of Loisne.  Also their son John Alexander who died 27th Dec. 1956 aged 85 years.
  A 3

1903  Erected by Francis C. Neill in loving memory of his wife Clara, who died 13th January 
1903 aged 33 years.

  FY 54

1905  Erected by Francis C. Neill in memory of his beloved sister Sarah Jane, who died 20th November 1905 aged 41 years.

  FY 56
Erected in memory of Hugh Neilson, late of Conlig, who died 10th Feby. 1830 aged 84 years.  Also his wife, Margaret RITCHEY, who died 19th Feby. 1819 aged 68 years.  Also two of their children.

Sacred to the memory of Margaret Nelson – daughter of James Nelson, Ballymaconnell
who died 27th November 1918 aged 21. “ He giveth His beloved sleep.”

  A 110
Erected by Samuel Nelson of Newtownards in memory of his beloved wife Eleanor Nelson alias WILLIAMSON who died 5th March 1865 aged 84 years.  Also of the above named Samuel Nelson who died 16th December 1872 in the 96th year of his age.

In loving memory of James Nelson, Ballymaconnell, who died 3rd February 1961 aged 96 years. 
“Absent from the body, present with the Lord”

  A 111

In loving memory of Mary Nelson, dearly loved wife of James Nelson, Ballymaconnell, who died 6th January 1937.
“Her children arise up and call her blessed”.  Psalm CXXX1 v.28.

Also their son Herbert who died 17th October 1935. Interred in Fort Lincoln, M.D. U.S.A.

  A 113

Sacred to the memory of William J. Nelson who died 4th June 1915 aged 25 years.
“Father in Thy gracious keeping, leave we now our loved one sleeping”

  A 112
NELSON - see Campbell    

In loving memory of William Nesbit who died 12 March 1927, and his wife Martha who died 5 May 1929.

  A 76

J. Newman                   

(small stone)

  FX 144
In loving memory of James Campbell Nicholson, F.R.C.S.E. The dear husband of Isabel Nicholson, passed away 29th October 1934 aged 62 years.  And his wife Anna Isabel, died 2nd October 1959 aged 79 years.
FX 47

In loving memory of John Campbell Nicholson, M.B., B.C.H., born 19th June 1904 in the New Hebrides, died 8th October 1957, also his wife Aline, nee Mitchell, born 13th September 1907, died 20th January 2003.  And their son Dr. John Nicholson, born 3rd February 1938 died 29th September 2014.

  G 55
Erected by John Nicholson, Bangor, in memory of his grandmother Sarah Nicholson who died 8th May 1827 aged 75 years.  Also his grandfather John Nicholson who died 8th May 1835 aged 89 years.  Also his father John Nicholson who died 29th June 1875 aged 83 years.  Also his mother Janet Nicholson who died 27th May 1884 aged 89 years.  Also his brother William who was buried at sea, 1849.  Also his brother Samuel who died at Rio Janeiro, 11th May 1876.  Also the above named John Nicholson, Master Mariner, who died 19th April 1918 aged 88 years.  Also Ellen wife of above who died 3rd January 1931 aged 90 years.  Also their daughter Janet Marion Nicholson who died 11th May 1940 aged 59 years.
[Carved hand pointing heavenwards with the legend 'Time is short' at top of headstone]
Erected by Rev. S. Nicholson, Methodist Minister of Ballyclare, late of Bangor, in memory of his children who died there:- Sarah Jane Hall died on 3rd March 1861 aged 6 years & 8 months; Samuel John died on 22nd March 1861 aged 2 years & 2 months; Caroline Matilda Baggaly died 24th April 1861 aged 13 years & 9 months.  In loving memory of the above named Rev. S Nicholson, for nearly fifty years Minister of the Methodist New Connexion, who fell asleep in Jesus, June 22nd 1887, at Ashfield, Lisburn, in the 77th year of his age.  "And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness, as the stars for ever and ever".  Dan. XII, 3.  Entered into rest 13th March 1903, Margaret, wife of above, aged eighty-eight years.  "They sleep in Jesus who is the Resurrection & the life, expecting to rise & meet him in the morning".