Bangor Abbey Graveyard - J

Jackson to Jordan




[Low -set round-headed headstone - topped altar tomb with next three in a low-railed enclosure]
  Susanna Jacksons Tim. 3, 16
  Dust lys here
  Who Jesus Christ John, 5, 23
  As God did fear
  John says that Jesus John, 5, 20
  Christ is the true God
  And that three are 8, ver. 7
  One he doth record
  It's the white stone Rev. 2, 17
  with the new name Rev. 3, 12
  Is the I am Exod. 3, 14
  The three in one Mal. 28, 9
  And one in three John. 10, 30.
  I'm gone to praise Rev. 5, 12
  Through eternity  

Said S. J. alias NICHOLSON, wife to Hugh Jackson of Ballywoolly composed the above 1757 & died 14th Novr. 1775 aged 46 years.  And Hugh Jackson died the 17th December 1800 aged 84 years.  Also their daughter Sarah Jackson who died 30th Jany. 1842 aged 82 years.

  E 29
Intered here are the bodys of James Jackson of Ballywooly, Sarah Jackson his wife, Jas. Jackson and Cathrin Jackson their son and daughter.  Also James Jackson who depd. this life Octbr. 16th 177(7) aged 24 years.  Also William Nicholson Jackson who died on Tuesday the 6th day of October 1829 aged 73 years, brother to the above named James Jackson, both being sons of Hugh and Susanna Jackson late of Ballywooly.
  E 31
Erected in memory of Martha Eliza Jackson, who departed this life 30th Septr. 1815 aged 15 years.  Also Jane, relict of the late W. Jackson, of Ballywooly Esq. who died 7th December 1838 aged 79 years.


E 28
Erected by her mother, in memory of Jane Jackson late of Ballywooly, who died on Saturday, the 15th of May 1824 aged 25 years.  Also Hugh Jackson M.D. her brother who died 25th March 1837 aged 45 years.
  E 30
Sacred to the memory of Robert Jackson, late Captain in H.M.'s 68th Regt., who departed this life (11)th August 1856 in the 69th (year) of his age.  Also Elizabeth J. Jackson, daughter of above who died at Holywood, 28th Sep. 1886 aged 62 years.  "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord". Rev. XIV, 13.
D 8
Erected by Ja(ne J)ackson in memor(y of her) beloved husband Joh(n Jack)son of Ballo, who dep(arted t)his life 20th May 1866 (age)d 40 y(ears).  Also Tho(mas Jackson, son of (t)he above, died (14th May) 188(.) ag(ed .1) years.  Also (the) abov(e Jan)e JOHNST(ON alias) Jac(kson) who died on (the) 6th June (1886) age(d) 61 (years.  Also her son William Jackson who died 7th March 1921 aged 73 years.  Als)o Ma(rgare)t J(acks)on nee M(...)re (.......) wife (....) William (.....) Ro(......  Fe)bruar(y ....) aged (7)2 years.  And their dau(ghter J)an(e wh)o died 8th June 192(4 ag)ed (..) years.

[Inscription on back:  This stone claims 3 graves one on each side]
  FW 9
Erected in memory of Elizabeth Jamison of Bangor who died 21st September 1813 aged 31 years.  Also her husband, Moses Jamison who died 1st January 1832 aged 68 years.  Also their son William Jamison who died 26th September 1845 aged 37 (years).  Also their daughter Margaret Jamison CLARKE who died 14th May 1884 aged 77 years.
  I 3
Erected by Elizabeth Ja(mison, of Ballysallagh, to) the memory of her husband (Willi)am Jamison who departed this life July (18)th 184(3) aged 5(7 years).  Also his infant (child).  "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord".  (Joseph) Jamison, su(ccessor to above.)  Also my son Thomas John Jamison who died 24th October 188(.) aged (17) years.  Also my daughter Elizabeth Jamison who died 8th September 1888 aged 29.
  H 113
In memory of Robert Jamison who died at Ballysallagh 17th June 1902.  Also his daughters, Jane Jamison who died 3rd March 1896, Sarah Jamison died 30th December 1896, Eleanor Jamison died 3rd December 1899, Martha Ross Jamison died 4th February 1904, Alice Jamison died 3rd November 1914.  Erected by Mary Jamison, wife of above.  Mary Jamison died 27th January 1932.  Minnie WHYTE died 25th March 1956.
  A 55
Sacred to the memory of the Rev. Henry George Johnson, A.M. who was for 23 years incumbent of this parish and afterwards Rector of Drumgath in this county.  Born Feb. 9th 1802: died August 14th 1856.  "Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me: Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me". Psal. XXIII, 4.  "We shall go to him, but he shall not return to us". 2 Sam. XII. 23.
  D 29
Sacred to the memory of Millicent Sackvilla Elizabeth, the beloved child of the Rev. H.G. Johnson, born December 27th 1840, died January 11th 1848.  "Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not; for of such is the Kingdom of God". St. Mark X.  14.  "Jesus said unto her, I am the Resurrection and the Life" St. John XI, 25.  Also of Margaret Sarah, relict of the Rev. H. G. Johnson who died at Florence 12th May 1879 aged 73 years.
  D 30
Erected by John Johnson of Connecticut in memory of his beloved parents, his father John Johnson died 20th September 1861 aged 56 years.  His mother Sarah Johnson died 22nd February 1873 aged 60 years.  His sister Sarah died October 25th 1865 aged 15 years.  Also five of their children who died in infancy.
  B 15

Erected by Elizabeth Johnston in memory of her husband Robert Johnston who died 18th February 1870 aged 69 years.

  B 16
Erected by Jane Johnston of Bangor in memory of her husband John Johnston who departed this life 28th Febr. 1816 aged 31 years, Also her son James Johnston who departed this life 12th Augt.1812 aged 1 year & 11 months.  Also her daughter Sophia Johnston who departed this life 15th June 1836 aged 27 years.  "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"  Also the aforesaid Jane Johnston who departed this life 5th of December 1846 aged 67 years.
FY 35
Here lieth the body of Robert Johnston of Bangor, who departed this life Octr. 27th 1821 aged 43 years.
  G 253
Erected by Robert (?) Johnston of Cottown who departed this life 1748.  Also his son John Johnston, Ballymaconnell who departed this life 1787.  Also Robert Johnston, Portaferry, who departed this life 14th December 1828 aged 74 years.
  G 69
[Next to Iannet Iohnston's stone].
Erected in memory of John Johnston late of Ballyhome, who departed this life on the 12th of July 1823 aged 52 years.  Also their two daughters, viz:- Elizabeth who died on the 20th December 1823 aged 18 years, and Margaret who died on the 23rd October 1824 aged 16 years.  Also six infant children.  Also John Alexander their son who departed this life on the 9th of May 1835 aged 33 years.  Also James Johnston their son who died on the 13th July 1837 aged 37 years.  Also their son Hugh Woods Johnston who died on the 20th April 1850 aged 33 years.
  FZ 69
Erected by William Johnston, Bangor, in memory of his father Robert Johnston who died 17th Sept. 1833 aged 57 years.  Also the remains of his mother Alice Johnston, alias STRICKLAND, who departed this life the 12th May 1835 aged 65 years.  Also Jane McMAHON, wife to his brother John, who died 6th July 1856 aged 54 years.  The above John Johnston died on his voyage to Aden on the 3rd Novr. 1856 aged 59 years.  Also Caroline Johnston, daughter of John, who died the 4th Feby. 1859 aged 17 years.  Also Sarah Johnston, daughter to John, who died the 1st August 1862 aged 34 years.  Also Jenny R., wife of William Johnston, son to the above John Johnston, who died 28th February 1899 aged 72 years.  Also Robert Johnston, son to the above John Johnston, who died in Queensland, Australia, born 1832, died 1900.

[Inscription on the back:- one grave south]
  G 275
In memory of Sarah Johnston of Saint Stephen, New Brunswick, who died whilst on a visit to Ireland, on 11th March 1868 aged 25 years.
  FX 150
Here lies the remains of Ann Jones who departed this life 6th January 1810 AE 56 years.  "Memento Mori".  Martha Jones, beloved wife of Alexander Jones, died 22nd May 1928.  "Worthy of remembrance".
  H 71
Erected by John Jordan of Balloo, in memory of his beloved daughter Anna Sophia, who departed this life 2nd October 1857 aged 2 years and 11 months.  Also his mother Agnes Jordan who departed this life 18th July 1882 aged 86 years.  Also his father Hugh Jordan
who departed this life 16th Febr. 1886 aged 89 years.  Also the above named John Jordan
who departed this life on the 25th November 1892 aged 69 years.  Also his wife Mary Jordan who departed this life on the 29th March 1899 aged 79 years.  Also his son Hugh Jordan who departed this life on the 25th September 1900 aged 43 years.
B 12
(Obelisk)   The Rt. Hon. Sir John Newell Jordan, G.C., M.C., G.C.I.E., K.C.B., British Minister to China, died 14th September 1925 aged 73 years. Interred in Putney Vale Cemetery, London.  Robert Jordan died 30th August 1926 aged 75 years. Interred in Auckland Cemetery, New Zealand.

(On side obelisk)  In memory of John Jordan of Balloo who died 25th November 1892 aged 69 years, and his wife Mary who died 29th March 1899 aged 79 years, also their daughter Anna Sophia aged 2 years and 11 months, also their son Hugh Jordan who died 25th September 1900 aged 43 years.                                         

Erected by their daughter Sophia Moore, Bangor Demesne.
B 11
Erected by Thomas Hamilton Jordan and Jane Mathews Jordan in loving memory of their father Philip Jordan, died 7th January 1892 aged 57 years.  Their mother Annie Hamilton Jordan, relict of the above Philip Jordan, died 23rd December 1923 aged 93 years.  Their brothers:- James Hamilton Jordan died 1st November 1862, aged 2 years and 4 months; Robert Simms Jordan died 11th May 1874 aged 2 years and 6 months; James Andrew Jordan, M.R.C.V.S, died 15th June 1920 aged 55 years, interred at Dundonald.  Also their daughter Jane Mathews Jordan died 31st May 1942 aged 79 years.  Mary Knox Jordan, dearly loved wife of Thomas H. Jordan, died 11th May 1944 aged 77 years.  Also Thomas Hamilton Jordan died 18th May 1945 aged 77 years.  "With Christ, which is far better".
  I 64