Bangor Abbey Graveyard - W




Erected by Sarah Waddell in memory of her beloved husband Melville Waddell Accidentally killed 9th September 1910 Aged 43 years  Their children Sarah Patricia died 15th September 1908 Aged 6 months Thomas died 30th November 1914 aged 7 years  Also the above named Sarah Waddell died 2nd October 1939 Aged 70 years  Also beloved daughter Annie Campbell died 24th January 1980
Peace Perfect Peace
B 18
In loving memory of Margaret Hanna, twin daughter of Charles & Emily Warwick, who died April 27th 1895, aged 2 years & 9 months.

"As a flower of the field."


A 4
Erected by Richard Wiley of Groomsport, in memory of his beloved wife Charlotte Wiley who departed this life 10th July 1872.  Also the above Richard Wiley who departed this life on the 26th February 1892 aged 77 years.

We do not know until the tree is shaken
How beautiful and ripe, the fruit it bore.
We do not feel until the loved are taken
How perfect was that love for us
 no more.

Ann Williamson   T, LA.

  G 202

In loving memory of Elizabeth Williamson who died at Ballysallagh, 10th April 1892 aged 68 years.

"He giveth His beloved sleep"

Also Jane Kennedy, who died
6th January 1893 aged 76 years, also John Williamson, Ballysallagh, died 11th March 1920.

  H 91

Erected by John Williamson, Junior, in loving memory of his father, John Williamson, who died 28th October 1903 aged 75 years, Also his mother, Isabella Williamson, who died 2nd December 1907 aged 77 years, also John, son of the above named, who died 3rd May 1946 aged 52 years.
"At rest"

  D 5
Erected by Hugh KANE in memory of Thomas Williamson who departed this life on the 10th of July 1864 Age 75 years.
B 2
Erected by John Williamson, junior, in loving memory of his daughter Florence who died 25th March 1893 aged 2 years.  Also his daughter Esther who died 8th June 1894 aged 2 years.  Also his daughter Agnes who died 13th November 1903 aged 9 months.  Also Sarah Ann  Williamson his wife, and mother of above named children, who died 19th January 1915 aged 47 years.  Pte. J. Williamson, killed 8th June 1917, buried at Baileul.  Also our beloved father John Williamson, died 2nd August 1939.
D 4

Annie Alexandra Stitt, widow of Robert Wilson, died 22nd November 1954.       
Deeply regretted.

  FX 30
Here lieth the body of Archibel Wilson of Conlig who departed this life June the 26 in anno 1798, eg 26 yr.
Morn not, deer friends, tho I'm no more
Tho I was martred, your eyes before
I am not dead, but do sleep hear
And yet once more I will apeer.

That is when time will be no more
When thel be judged who falsly sore
And them that judged will judged be
Whither just or on just, then thel see.

Purpere, deer friends, for that grate day
When death dis sumance you away
I will await you all with due care
In heven with joy to meet you there.
FY 43
Erected by James Wilson, Granshaw, in memory of his daughter Rebecca Wilson, who died 29th Dec. 1830 AE 18 years.  The above named James Wilson died on the 26th Feb. 1836 aged 57 years.
  FY 59
Erected by Alex'r KELLY, of Bangor, in memory of Catharine Wilson who died 3d Nov'r 1832 aged 14 years.  Also Jane Wilson alias HOPWOOD, who died 16th July1833 aged 56 years.  Also Margaret Wilson who died 23rd July 1833 aged 12 years.  Like Charles Wilson who died 6th May 1837 aged 24 years.
  H 131
Sacred to the memory of John Wilson, Esq., of Bangor, Surgeon to the Royal South Down Regt. of Militia, who died 27th July 1854 aged 66 years.  And Sarah HANNAY, his wife, daughter of George Hannay, Esq., of Bangor, who died 26th December 1855 aged 59 years.  Also their children:- Eliza Hannay Wilson, who died 30th September 1842 aged 24 years.  Margaret Craig White Wilson, who died 28th January 1844 aged 24 years.  Margaret Craig Hannay Wilson, who died 13th December 1844, aged 21 years.  Isabella Davis Wilson, who died 3rd February 1848 aged 22 years.  This tablet is erected by their surviving daughter Sarah Halliday DOD, and their only son John George Hannay Wilson, in memory of their beloved parents and sisters.
C 32