Bangor Abbey Graveyard - T




[Henry Wightman's name is much more recent than the rest of the inscription on this stone]
Henry WIGHTMAN. Erected to the memory of the Reverend David Taggart, minister of the Gospel in this parish for 15 years, who departed this life on the 17th day of March 1808, in the 45th year of his age.

James Tait,  a Mason, Paisley

  D 36

In memory of our beloved father, William Taylor, who died 3rd September 1902 aged 92 years, also Eliza J. Taylor, who died 21st March 1916.

  FW 12
A McGOWAN  Here lies the body of Anne Thompson wife of Adam DONALDSON in Bally Grot
who dept. this July the 7th 1790 aged 31 years.

John Gray
James Gray
In memory of Margaret Thompson, wife of John Gray, died 17th November 1904, also his daughter, Sadie, died 6th November 1918, aged 4 years.

  G 276
In memory of Robert Thompson, Sargt. in the R.S.D.M. who departed this life February the 25th 1820 aged 31 years.  Also his son William Thompson aged six months.  Inscribed by Eliza A. McCULLOCH in memory of her beloved husband Hugh McCulloch who died 13th April 1907 aged 81 years.
Here lieth ye body of Hugh Thomson of Grahemsport, who departed this life March the 14th 1724/5 aged 70 years.  Also his wife Janet Thomson who deptd this life Novbr. the 7th 1760
aged 84 years.  Also Mary Thomson, wife of Archd Barr of Groomsport, who departed this life Sepr. the 17th 1790 aged 73 years.  Also Archd Barr who deptd. this life Janry. the 13th 1793 aged 83 years.
Esther, the beloved wife of Mortimer Thomson, died on the 18th August 1853 aged 73 years.
Also their daughter Esther, wife of Dr MAGEE, Kirkubbin, who died the 1st November 1857 aged 42 years  The above named Mortimer Thomson, died 1st August 1861 aged 77 years.  On the 17th February 1862, Cornelius John, aged 17, son of the above named Doctor & Mrs Magee  Also James McCONVERY, son-in-law of the above named M. Thomson, who died 15th January 1898 aged 83, R.I.P.
Henry Mortimer SAVAGE, son of the late Henry Savage of N.T.Ards, and grandson of Mortimer THOMSON, Ballyboley, died on the 6th April 1853 aged 14 years.

He hath passed in the pride of his beauty's bloom,
From the friends, and the hopes that were dearly his
And the worm, and the breath of decay consumed
The heart that expanded to nought but bliss.

He died while rapture, and mirth, and joy,
To brighten his life's young path-way strove,
While the ardour of youth in his sparkling eye
Was bright as the Eagle, and kind as the Dove.

Weep not for him - the choicest years
He hath culled from this world of mortal woe.
His sun hath sunk, ere veiled in tears
It passed in the fulgence of morning's glow.

Blessed, aye truly blessed are they
Whose spirits, early from earth can sever,
From sin released, and its kindred clay
In a happier eternity fixed for ever.

In memory of Arabella THIRZA, wife of Henry Thomson M.D. who died 23rd September 1866 aged 28 years.  Also Henry Thomson M.D. who died 18th April 1880 aged 54 years.  Also Sir Alfred Edward Thomson, Kt, M.D., M.R.C.S., Eng. who died 27th September 1914 aged 51 years.  Sarah Anne FOSTER, died 30th March 1915 aged 72.  Agnes RICHARDSON, died 28th December 1928.
"I am the Resurrection and the Life". John XI, 25.
Elizabeth Tannihill Bell.  Devoted wife of Archibald Thomson,  Died 5th October 1903,  Aged 35 years
The above named Archibald Thomson.  Died 7th February 1924,  Aged 75 years.

'Though He slay me yet will I trust in Him'

E 36
In Loving Memory of Emmeline Elizabeth Thomson Who Died at Glenbank Bangor
30th July 1897
'Fear thou not for I am with thee
Do not dismay for I am thy God.'
Isaiah XLI .10
Sarah, relict of Richard Tighe, died 7th Feby. 1832 aged 70 years.
[North side] Sarah Frances the beloved wife of Robert Richard Tighe, born 12th July 1806, died 24th March 1832.

[West side]
Dear is the spot where Christians sleep
And sweet the strain which angels pour;
O why should we in anguish weep?
They are not lost - but gone before!

Secure from every mortal care
By sin and sorrow vex'd no more
Eternal happiness they share
Who are not lost - but gone before.

To Zion's peaceful country above
In faith triumphant may we soar;
Embracing in the arms of Love
The friends not lost - but gone before.