Bangor Abbey Graveyard - S




SAVAGE - Henry Mortimer    
Erected by Hugh Seyers of Bangor In memory of his wife Margaret Seyers alias Dunn who died 12th Jan'y 1826 aged 82 years Also the above Hugh Seyers who died 8th April 1818 aged 93 years.
Erected by Henry Seyers in memory of his wife, Elizabeth Seyers, who died 11th Jan. 1889 aged 71 years.
Also his father, James Seyers, died 18th October. 1843 aged 72 years.  Also his mother, Elizabeth Seyers, died 14th Feb. 1870 aged 86 years.  Also the above named Henry Seyers, who died 14th Aug. 1911 aged 90 years.
[Probably of mid-19th century and lying flat in a railed, low-stone enclosure].
Erected by James Shanks of Ballygrott. 
[Three tiered marble plinth formerly surmounted by a cross].
In memory of James Shanks, died 2nd Jany. 1886 aged 69 years.  Margaret Shanks died 1st Sept. 1903 aged 84 years.  And their sons, William Patterson Shanks died 12th Jany. 1903 aged 54 years;
James Shanks died 14th April 1914 aged 70 years.
[Badly flaked sandstone of a c. 1880].
Erected by Hugh Shanks, Cottown.
The above named Hugh Shanks who departed this life 26th M. . . aged 80 years.  Also his beloved wife . . . . .et Shanks who departed this life 19th . . . . . 1902 aged 82 years.
Erected by Roseann HAWTHORN in memory of her father James Shaw who died at Ballymaconnell, 13th 1893 aged 80 years.  Also her mother Margaret Shaw who died at Ballymaconnell, 5th January 1902 aged 82 years.
In loving memory of John Shearer who died May 1895.  Also my devoted and loving husband Robert Shearer who died 9th September 1899.  Also Annie Jane Shearer, dearly beloved wife of the above named Robert Shearer, who died 1st March 1910.  Also the sons of the above Captain Shearer, William drowned at sea 31st December 1908; Robert, Captain M.N., died 11th October 1943; Charles died 14th January 1953, loved husband of Alexander Shearer.

"When thou passeth through the waters, I will be with thee".

Erected by Agnes Sibbison in memory of her husband, Magness Sibbison of Bangor. who died April the 27th 1839 aged 77 years.  Also their daughter Sophia who died Octr. the 10th 1831 aged 40 years.  Also their son James, who died on his passage to the West-Indies, A.D. 1815 in the 30th year of his age.  "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord".  Also Agnes Sibbison, who died 21st Novr. 1843 aged 83 years.  Also Agnes JOHNSON, wife to James Sibbison, grandson to the above named, who departed this life on the 29th of May 1852 aged 29 years.
Erected by Magnus Sibbison in memory of his beloved wife Eliza Sibbison who died 17 March 1883 aged 59 years

I know that my redeemer liveth

Their daughter Maria Sibbison who died 8 July 1869 aged 12 years Also his father John Sibbison who died February 1858 aged 60 years And his mother Elizabeth Anne Sibbison
who died 21 June 1875 aged 77 years  Also the above named Magnus Sibbison who died 8 August 1895 aged 72 years.

To be with Christ is far better
In memory of Agnes Sibbison who died 4th Oct. 1885 aged 24 years.
H(ere li)eth the body of  Wi . . .  Simpson, of Bangor, (who) died ye 19th of March 173(6) aged 43 years.  Also the (bo)dy of his wife Ann Simpson, alias SHAW, who died ye 13th Iany. 1763 aged 6(.) years.
Erected in memory of Ann Jane Simpson who departed this life 28th October 1814 aged 21 years.  Also James Simpson who departed this life 8th April 1822 aged 16 years.

Can worth departed fail to force a tear
If so, stop passenger, and drop it here
Where lies perfection's model low at rest
Each shining virtue centr'd in his breast.
"To be with Christ which is far better"
In Loving Memory of Charlotte Third daughter of John Simpson M.D. Belfast who died 29th Nov 1890 aged 13 years his only son John Edward Ships Surgeon Titanic Lost 15th April 1912 aged 37 years  Also his grandchild, son of Robert and Winifred Stanton 16th June 1916  Also his fourth daughter Flora Died 9th June 1920  Also his daughter Lizette
Died 8th Feb 1949  Also his grandson John Ralph Peters Died in London 25th March 1961
Son of the above John Edward.

Andrew Skillen

  D 38

Hester M. Skillen died 17th July 1944, beloved wife of Hugh Andrew Skillen, eldest daughter of Samuel and Margaret Rea.

  G 17

Hugh A. Skillen,   Belmont.   Interred in Comber.

  G 19

In memory of James Skillen, Ballyconnell, who died 28th November 1902, his wife Margaret Jane, died 25th August 1937, their daughter, Hannah A. Aiken, died 18th December 1941 aged 58 years,  James Skillen, active service at sea 1941.
God is Love

G 18
In memory of John Skimin, master mariner, born November 28 1836, died February 20 1909.  And his wife Eliza, born January 12 1837, died July 12 1918.  Also their daughter Mary, born August 25 1870 died September 22 1889.  And their son George, master mariner, born June 23 1867, killed at sea by enemy action, February 1 1916.  And their grand-daughter Florence, died May 15 1902.  Also Annie, wife of his son Arthur, born 15th February 1884, died 9th March 1934.  And their son Arthur, born 31st January 1879, died 6th February 1953.  Also their son Hugh E., born 7th October 1876, died 16th April 1963.
  FX 89



Hugh Small

  I 22

Erected by Margaret C. Smiley in memory of her father, James Smiley,  born 8th January 1816, died 28th March 1903, also her mother, Jane Smiley, born 8th August 1821, died 29th June 1905, and her brother Hugh Smiley who died in early life.
"Memory keeps our dear ones near us"

  FY 67
Erected by Major Robert Percival MAXWELL, Groomsport, to the memory of Thomas Stephenson, for 14 years years his faithfuly steward, died 24th November 1898 aged 54 years.  M/346028 Private W. T. Stephenson, Royal Army Corps, 26th February 1918 aged 18.
  A 93
Here resteth the body of Eleanor Stevenson, daughter to Mr Iohn Stevenson & Rachel HAMILTON of Belywillie, who was espoused to John BROWN, marcht. in Belfast, Octbr. ye 7th 1709 & departed this life Nobembr. ye 7th 1711 aged 34 years.


Erected in memory of John Stevenson Died 16th February 1900 Aged 5 years.
H 119

A. Stewart

  G 5

Erected by David Stewart of Groomsport, in memory of his wife Jane Stewart, alias AGNEW, who departed this life the 15th Novr. 1834 aged 38 years.  Also son Alexander Stewart, who departed this life the 11th July 1835 aged 8 months.


In loving memory of Thomas Stewart, beloved husband of Mary Stewart, died 21st July 1935 aged 75 years, also their son John, died 27th January 1931 aged 41 years, and their son-in-law, Robert M. Rainey, died 31st January 1933 aged 36 years, also the above named Mary Stewart, died 29th November 1948, also Anna, wife of the above named Robert M. Rainey, died 11th June 1962.
"He giveth His beloved sleep"

  G 6