Bangor Abbey Graveyard - R




Here lies the bodys of the Revd. Gilbert Ramsay, Revd. James Ramsay, Revd. Robert HAMILTON and his wife Mrs Mary Hamilton.  Posterity are desired to take care that the ashes of the dead in this burial place may not be disturbed by strangers.
E 27

In memory of my dear husband Henry William (Harry) who died 28 May 1979.
Loving remembered by his wife Margaret (Rita).

  G 217

Jane Wallace 28th September 1903
Erected by J.T. Davidson

  H 27

In memory of Jean Reynolds who died
30th January 1955 and her husband James who died 13th November 1959.

  I 73
Erected by J. F. Ritchie, in memory of his beloved father, Hugh Ritchie, who died 18th Feby. 1884 aged 76 years.  Also his mother Elizabeth Ritchie who died 10th Sept. 1887 aged 76 years.  Also 4 sisters & 2 brothers, died in infancy.  Also his sister Jane, fell asleep in Jesus 16th April 1923.  Also his sister Margaret, entered into her rest 13th February 1927 aged 91 years.  "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God".

(Metal shield)
Family burying ground of Andrew Roaney.

  A 77
The family burying ground of Geo. Robinson, Belfast, 1885.

In memory of Edward Allen Rose-Cleland of Bangor who died 24th August 1924 aged 85 years, also his wife Annie died 14th July 1928 aged 76 years.
"Till He come"

  A 32

Their daughter Florence Roseman died 27th March 1979, also their son Robert Halliday died 6th September 1987.
Elizabeth Roy, beloved wife of Joseph, died 26th June 1994.
Ivy Dominick died 27th November 1994.

  G 150

Erected by James Ross in fond and loving memory of his dearly beloved wife, Ann Snipe, who died 6th October 1915 aged 77 years, also the above named, James Ross, who died 11th July 1917 aged 81 years.
"Christ in me the hope of Glory"

  A 47
Here lieth the body of George Russell, late of Ballycroghan, who died the 17th March 1820 aged 89 years.  Also the body of his wife Ellen, who died the 9th August 1832 aged 84 years.  Also the body of their daughter, Eliza DAVISON, who died the 1st May 1837 aged 57 years.  Also Mary RANKIN who died 1854 aged 74 years.  Mary NEILL, daughter of the above, who died 2nd June 1889 aged 94 years.  This ground closed.
Erected by Sophia Laughlin in memory of her father and mother, James and Sarah Russell.
  G 265
Sacred to the memory of Philip Russell, M.B., T.C.D, fondly beloved and deeply and most deservedly regretted, he died April 19, 1880 aged 69 years.  Also of George Christopher his beloved son, aged 10 years, Feb. 1st 1860.  Also John, who died in infancy May 1863.  'Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord'. Rev. XIV, 13.

Erected by Robert Russell of Bangor in loving memory of his wife, Margaret Russell, alias Williamson, who departed this life  29th August 1839 aged 25 years, also three of their children who died young.

  H 7