Bangor Abbey Graveyard - K

Kane to Kyle




[Small undated headstone, of c. 1850]
Erected by Hugh Keenan in memory of his father & mother & their 5 children.
  G 213
Erected in memory of John Kelly of Bangor, revenue officer who depd. this life June 17th 90 AE 64 years.  Also his daughter Dorothy McDONALD, who deptd. this life Decr. 4th 1793 aged 31 years.
  FX 117
Erected by James Kelly of Bangor in memory of his father Alexander Kelly who died 22nd April 1828 aged 78 years.  Also his grandfather James Kelly who died 14th March 1771 aged 53 years.  Also his grandmother Isabella Kelly alias DABBY who died 28th May 1802 aged 77 years.  Also seven of their children.
  G 10
Erected by Alexander Kelly, Bangor, in memory of his daughter Frances who departed this life 15th March 1793 aged 14 years.  Also Esther McGOWAN, wife to Robert Kelly, who departed this life 1st May 1811 aged 29 years.  Also Agnes GREEN alias Kelly who departed this life 10th April 1827 aged 39 years.
  G 8
Erected by Alexander Kelly of Bangor in memory of his sister Jane LIGHTBODY alias Kelly
who departed this life 25th day of February 1821 aged 72 years And also of his wife Agnes Kelly alias SIMPSON who departed this life 23 February 1825 aged 72 years.
G 11
Erected by Alexander Kelly of Bangor, in memory of his son James Kelly, who died on 8th July 1829 AE 2 years.  Also his second son James Kelly who died 22nd Jan. 1831 AE 1 year.  Also his son John Alexander Kelly who died at Pittsburg, America, the 6th of August 1846 aged 9 months.  Also of Captain Robert CROSBIE who died 9th February 1903 aged 53 years, nephew of the above Alexander Kelly and youngest son of the late William Crosbie, Bangor.
"Safely anchored within the veil".
C 26
Erected by Alexander, John and Hugh Kelly, in memory of their sister Jenney Kelly who died 4th March 1834 aged 15 years.  Also their brother Robert Kelly who died 17th Jan 1836 aged 20 years.  Also their brother James Kelly who died 9th May 1836 aged 29 years.  And two of his children who died young.  Likewise their father James Kelly, late of Bangor, who died 14th Novr. 1836 aged 60 years.  "He was a kind father, a benevolent husband and a honest man".  Also their mother Rebeca Kelly, who died the 19th Octr. 1850 aged 70 years.
Also their brother David Kelly, who died the 8th of April 1852 aged 30 years.  Also John Henry Kelly, grandson of the above James and Rebeca Kelly, who departed this life 30th June 1870 aged 22 years.  Anne Kelly, wife of David Kelly, who died 19th Jany. 1893 aged 77 years. 
C 24
Erected by John Kelly of Belfast, in memory of his wife Sarah who died 10th Feb. 1850 aged 44 years.  Also the above John Kelly who died 1st June 1860 aged 56 years.  Also his wife Jane Kelly who died 14th April 1891 aged 84 years.  "She was a mother to the motherless".
C 25
Erected by James Kelly of Groomsport, in memory of his beloved wife Delia, who departed this life the 28th day of November 1870 aged 63 years.  Also the above James Kelly, died July 3rd 1882 aged 72 years - 40 years in the service of the MAXWELL family.
  FX 148

(Two markers within enclosure).      

OLDER  -   Robert A. Kelly - 8/10/1954.

NEWER -  Thomas Kelly 1904 - 1984 , father of Drew,
Roy and Dynes.

  A 63
Erected by Samuel Kelly in memory of his dear wife, Rose Anna Kelly, died 10th February 1941, also above Samuel Kelly, died
3rd February 1946.
  I 1
Erected by Joseph and Elizabeth Kempson, Ballycormick, in loving memory of their dear son Hugh, born 26th July 1882, died 3rd March 1889.  Also their dear daughter Katherine, born 10th April 1889, died 12th June 1906.
  A 107
Erected by Captain Findlyson Kenn, Aberdeen, Scotland.  In memory of Ann Kenn his wife, who departed this life on the 12th of July 1834 aged 31 years.

She left the world without a tear,
Save for the friends she held so dear:
To heal their sorrows Lord descend,
And to the friendless prove a friend.

Also in memory of Charles Kenn his brother who perished at sea, with all his crew, by the foundering of his vessel in March 1835.

His voice commands the tempest forth,
And stills the stormy wave:
And though his arm be strong to smite
T'is also strong to save.

Also in memory of Elizabeth Kenn his mother who departed this life on the 27th February 1836 aged 73 years.

T'is God who lifts our comforts high
Or sinks them to the grave:
He gives and when he takes away,
He takes but what he gave.
C 13
Erected by John Kennady Junr. in memory of his brother William Kennady Marchant  Bangor who departed this life Nov 29th 1827 Aged 39 years. 

I 6
Erected by Mary LINDSAY of Dunleady in loving memory of her brother John Kennedy who departed this life 21st April 1894 Aged 80 years.
H 89
[Flaking sandstone headstone - not in original position - looks of c. 1750]
(Here) lyeth the (body of) Mary Ken(nedy wh)o departed t(his lif)e April the 6 (17..) aged 50 years.
  B 13
Here lyeth the body of Iames Kennedy who departed this life November  the 20th 1768 aged 58 years.  Here lyeth the body of John Kennedy of Ballyholme, who departed this life April the 23rd 1781 aged 82 years.
  G 190
Here lieth the body of James Kennedy, mariner, late of Bangor, who was drowned at Graypoint, April 9th 1816 aged 31 years.
Death cull'd the keenest of his darts
The warring elements combined
To separate the fondest hearts
That e'er connubial feeling join'd.
[West side]  Erected by Hugh Kennedy in memory of his son Hugh.
Also his son Alexander Kennedy who died the 9th August 1845 aged 24 years.
  FZ 57
Erected by John Kennedy of Ballyclare in memory of his wife Margaret Kennedy, otherwise Wallace, who departed this life Oct the 7th 1819 age 55 years Also his daughter Jane who departed this life Dec 25th 1820 aged 25 years.
I 7
Erected by John Kennedy in memory of his father John Kennedy who died 15th December 1844 aged 63 years.  Also his mother Jane Kennedy, 9th March 1848 aged 54 years.  Also his brother James Kennedy died 2nd September 1839 aged 27 years.  Also his sister Elizabeth McILWEE who died 25th August 1880 aged 45 years.  Also Mary Ann, the beloved wife of John Kennedy, who died 18th April 1882 aged 60 years.  Also his sister Isabella LYNAS who died 24th October 1884 aged 42 years.  In memory of above John Kennedy of Belfast, who died 13th March 1889 aged 63 years.
  I 93
His ground 6 feet southward.  Erected by David Kennedy of Ballyleidy, in memory of his wife Margaret Kennedy, alias QUINTON, who died 17th April 1841 aged 51 years.
  H 120
Erected by Michael Kennedy in memory of his father James Kennedy who died 23rd of June 1841 aged 45 years.  Also his mother Eliza Kennedy who died 24th of Septr. 1866 aged 64 years.  Also Dr. J. K. McGUCKIN, who died 19th January 1894.  Also his sister Elizabeth McGuckin who died 10th June 1898.
  H 72
Erected by John Kennedy of Ballymaconnell, who deparrted this life 29th August 1841 aged 59 years.  Also his wife Jane Kennedy, alias WOODS, who departed this life on the 10th of March 1867 aged 85 years.  Also their son Francis Kennedy who died 5th March 1900 aged 81 years.  Also his son William Kennedy who died 2nd Jany. 1910 aged 86 years.
[Inscription on the back - This stone claims 8 feet north]
I 106
This tablet was erected by John and Isabella Kennedy, in memory of their father, Dr. Andrew Kennedy, who died at Rockport, County Down, 30th June 1857 aged 74 years.  And of their mother, Ann [MOORE] Kennedy [sic], who died in South Carolina, U.S., 29th March 1837 aged 56 years.  Isabella Kennedy died 1st August 1859.  John Kennedy died 2nd June 1861.
  D 56
[Split sandstone headstone with part missing]  (Erected by William Kennedy in memory of ...............) James (who died ............ 18..) aged 47 years.  (Also .......... who) died 19th April 1859 aged 73 years.  (The above nam)ed Wm. Kennedy died 20th (Mar)ch 1865 aged 80 years.  (Also his) son Robert Kennedy who died on the 14th May 1883 aged 62 years.  [Inscription on the back]:  This stone claims 4 graves 2 on each side]
  H 90
I.H.S.  Erected by John Kennedy, Crawfordsburn, in memory of his father Edward Kennedy who died 26th April 1862 aged 74 years.  Also his mother Eleanor Kennedy who died 14th February 1863 aged 70 years.  [Inscription on the back]:- This stone claims 3 graves, 1 on each side.
  I 100
Erected (in) mem(ory) of Archey (Ke)nne(d)y (who d)eparted (this) life Oct. 19th (186)4 aged (..) years.  Also his g(rand)son Hugh BUC(HANA)N (who de)parted this (life) Sept. 1st .... aged (15) years.
  H 70
Erected in memory of John Kennedy who died at Ballyvernot, 26th April 1892 aged 70 years.  Also his daughter Jane Kennedy who died 15th May 1903 aged 35 years.  Also his son John Kennedy who died 15th Nov. 1903 aged 33 years.  Also his wife Jane Kennedy who died 20th May 1905 aged 75 years.  Also his grand-daughter Eleanor Kennedy who died the 20th February 1915 aged 5 years.  Also his daughter-in-law Agnes Kennedy who died the 7th December 1915 aged 39 year.  Also his grandson James Kennedy who died 7th May 1925 aged 11 years.  Also his son Francis Kennedy who died 3rd June 1946 aged 74 years.
FW 14
Erected by Margaret Kerr in memory of her husband Thomas Kerr of Bangor Granshaw, who departed this life the 28th May 1868 aged 42 years.  Also the above named Margaret Kerr who departed this life 5th March 1900.
  FZ 79
Erected by George Kerr, Bangor, in loving memory of his mother Mary Kerr who fell asleep 15th May 1883.  Also his father James Kerr who fell asleep 22nd Oct. 1885.  And also his brothers David & James who fell asleep 30th May 1890 & 26th August 1890, respectively
Safe in the arms of Jesus,
Safe on his gentle breast,
There by his love o'ershadowed,
Sweetly their souls do rest.
  FX 119
Erected by the inhabitants of Bangor as a tribute of respect to a stranger.  Sacred to the memory of John King aged 23 years, sailor of Great Yarmouth who died at hospital in Bangor on 7th Decr. 1872, from injuries received on board of the schooner "Langrigg", of White Haven.
  G 243
Erected by Mary King, Donaghadee, in memory of her beloved husband John King, native of Valencia, Co. Kerry, late Station Officer H.M. Coast-guard, who departed this life 24th Jan. 1885 aged 74 years.  Also the above named Mary King who departed this life, 10th  Jan. 1909 aged 80 years.  "Requiescant in pace".
  H 80
Erected by Agnes Jane Halliday, in affectionate remembrance of her beloved husband Samuel King, who died 9th July 1894 aged 64 years.  "In hope of a glorious Resurrection".
  FZ 6
[Blacksmith's arm wielding hammer at the top]

Erected by John Kirkpatrick in memory of his wife Florana Kirkpatrick, alias ERSKINE, who departed this life 25th Sept. 1843 aged 80 years.  Also his grandchild Florana Kirkpatrick who departed this life 15th June 1836 aged 2 years.
G 285
Sacred to the memory of Sarah Selina Knox (Of The Parade Bangor) Daughter of John Dysart J.P., Londonderry And Relict of Dominick Knox Of Prehen County Derry Born 26 September 1805 Died 2 September 1889 Aged 84 years

'Lifes race well run
Lifes work well done
Lifes crown well won
Now comes rest'

In Loving Memory, by her Sister Julia GRIFFIN.
B 4
In loving memory of James Knox of Summerhill, Granshaw, who died 20th June 1895 aged 66 years.  Also his wife Margaret J. Knox who died 30th May 1935.  Also his brother William Knox who died 19th Nov. 1906 aged 70 years.
  A 20
Erected by Alexander Kyle in memory of his father, Hugh Kyle, who died 18th November 1866 aged 84 years.  And of his mother Susannah Kyle, who died 1st July 1880 aged 86 years.  Also Catherine, wife of above Alexander Kyle, who died 29th Sept. 1921 aged 83 years.  Also the above Alexander Kyle, died 11th May 1926 aged 86 years.  [Inscription on the back]: - This stone claims 4 graves.
  FX 111

The resting place of our father and mother, John and Esther Kyle, also their family, Thomas & James & John & Agnes & Eliza Jane, also Catherine, wife of Wm. G. Kyle, Caroline died 26th August 1916, William George Kyle, died 3rd September 1925
aged 84 years, Sarah Rea Kyle, died 16th June 1928.

"Forgiven for His name's sake"

(on bottom plinth)  -  also Elizabeth Blaney,  1909.

  D 24