Bangor Abbey Graveyard - E

Echlin to Ewart




Here lieth the body of Elenor Echlin (wife of) Charles Echlin of Bang(or) who departed this life the 16th of April 1793 (aged 35) years.  Also the bodys of two of their children, Charles (and) James.  Hugh LYONS, (nephew) of the above C(harles) Echlin died . . . 1862 aged (. .) years.
  H 18

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Thomas K. Eddis


  G 108
[With rose leaves at the top].
Erected by Samuel Edgar, of Bangor, in memory of his daughter Jane Edgar, alias ROBINSON, who died 15th Jan. 1835 aged 21 years.  Also his wife Margaret Edgar, alias McWHINNEY, who died 25th July 1842 aged 52 years.  Also the said Samuel Edgar who died on the 18th of October 1861 aged 79 years.
G 286
Erected by Margaret Edmondson in memory of her beloved husband Robert Edmondson Ex–Master Gunner, R.A. died 17th April 1906 Aged 66 Years


  A 89
Erected by William Erskine of Ballymagee, in memory of his father John Erskine of Bangor, who died 28th Feb. 1833 aged 72 years.  Also his brother James who died 26th Feb. 1837 aged 31 years.  Also his son James who died 14th April 1840 aged 1 year.  Also his dearly beloved mother Jane Erskine who died 19th January 1851 aged 87 years.
  G 241
Erected by Wm. Erskine, Ballymagee, in memory of his daughter Isabella who died July 30th 1871 aged 27 years.  Also the above named William Erskine who died January 13th 1881 aged 82 years.  Also his daughter Jane Erskine who died 9th January 1894 aged 55 years.  Also his wife Isabella Erskine who died 28th January 1894 aged 83 years.  Also his son David Erskine who died at Victoria, Australia, 25th June 1914.  Also his daughter Ellen Erskine who died on 17th April 1923.  Also his son John Erskine who died 9th May 1932 aged 81 years.
  G 240
In loving memory of William Erskine who died 28th December 1884, Aged 63 years also of his sons James, who died 1st June 1864 aged 13 years Robert Clements who died 30th Oct. 1884 aged 20 years Alexander who died 12th March 1885 aged 23 years. Also Maria, wife of the above William Erskine who died 27th January 1890 aged 65 years.
H 15